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Statistical analysis

Pharmbiotest provides statistical support of clinical trials (pharmacokinetic studies and bioequivalence studies, dose-proportionality, efficacy, tolerability, safety, etc.):

  • study design:

- cross-over,
- parallel,
- replicate,
- two-stage;

  • sample size calculation (number of subjects required for the study);
  • development of randomization scheme, which allows to reduce the systematic error associated with the distribution of the subjects into groups in the study;
  • development of statistical plans;
  • statistical analysis of pharmacokinetic data:

- drug concentration versus time curves (mean curves, individual curves for each subject, the total curve for all subjects, etc.),
- calculation of the basic and additional pharmacokinetic parameters by nonkompartmental/kompartmental methods (single dose study and multiple dose study),
-  pharmacokinetic modeling,
- analysis of variance ANOVA,
- evaluation of bioequivalence,
- estimation of the absolute/relative bioavailability, etc;

  • statistical analysis of the clinical part of the study:

- point estimation,
- interval estimation,
- comparing data before and after treatment,
- evaluation of the significance of differences between groups, etc;

  • preparation of reporting documents for statistical data processing;
  • Final Report writting;
  • and other services of statistical data processing in accordance with customer wishes.

Statistical data processing is conducted in accordance with international standards, state regulatory requirements and standard operating procedures.

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