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Blood test
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
A complete blood count (CBC) (without Leukocytic formula)55daily1
A complete blood count (CBC) (Leukocytic formula, сlotting time)75daily1
Determination and counting of mononuclear cells (virotsitov)70daily1
Counting of reticulocytes35daily1
The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)10daily1
SOE by Vestergren15daily1
Bleeding time35daily1
Blood clotting time determination25daily1
Blood type, Rh factor50daily1
Rhesus antibodies100daily1
Evaluation of hemostasis
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Activated partial thromboplastin time45daily1
The prothrombin time (PT, PR, INR)50daily1
Thrombin time45daily1
Fibrinogen by Klaus45daily1
Stool analysis
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Study of feces for occult blood100daily4
Fecal analysis for n / g80daily4
Scraping for enterobiasis75daily4
Analysis of stool for cysts of lamblia and other protozoa100daily4
Helicobacter pylori in feces (qualitatively)150daily4
Analysis of urine
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
General urine analysis45daily1
Analysis of urine according to Zimnitsky60daily1
Urinalysis by Nechiporenko40daily1
Microalbumin in the urine140Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Daily proteinuria (total protein)40
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Creatine kinase МВ120daily4
Troponin180daily by appointment4 hours
Homocysteine in serum300daily4
Clinical Chemistry
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Alanine aminotransferase (ALT, ALT)25daily1
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST, AST)30daily1
Conjugated bilirubin25daily1
Unconjugated bilirubin25daily1
Total bilirubin and its fractions50
Protein Fractions (Extended)110daily2
Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase40daily1
Lactate (lactic acid)100daily5
Serum iron35daily1
Ionized Calcium75daily3-4
Creatine kinase40daily1
Lactate dehydrogenase45daily1
Uric acid30daily1
Nitrogen urea (designated with urea)40daily3-4
Тotal protein30daily1
Thymol test30daily1
Alkaline phosphatase30daily1
The clearance of endogenous creatinine (glomerular filtration rate)80daily1
Research of vitamins
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Vitamin A (retinol)160daily8
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)160daily8
Vitamin E (tocopherol)160daily8
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)160daily8
Vitamin B1 (thiamin)160daily8
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)160daily8
Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid)160daily8
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)160daily8
Folic acid120daily7
Vitamin B12120daily6
Anemia Diagnosis
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Total iron-binding capacity (TIBC)45daily5-7
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
CARDIO - Rheumatoid tests
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
CARDIO - Rheumatoid tests50daily1
Rheumatoid factor (qualitative)40daily1
Rheumatoid factor (quantitative)65daily1
C-reactive protein (qualitative)40daily1
C-reactive protein (quantitative)65daily1
Sialic acid60daily1
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Antinuclear antibodies (diagnosis of autoimmune diseases)250daily7
Whey Immunoglobulin A100daily9
Whey Immunoglobulin M100daily9
Whey Immunoglobulin G100daily9
Antibodies to gliadin IgA (celiac disease)200daily8
Antibodies to gliadin IgG (celiac disease)200daily8
Antibodies to tissue transglutaminase IgG (celiac disease)200daily8
Antibodies to tissue transglutaminase IgA (celiac disease)200daily8
SCR (LE-cells)150daily2
Diagnosis of HLA B27-associated autoimmune diseases500daily5
The cyclic citrullinated peptide (A-CCP), IgG antibodies350daily4-5
Cytokine (Interleukin-4)200daily9
Cytokine (Interleukin-6)200daily9
Antiphospholipid syndrome
АnalysisPrice, ₴dailyDays
Antibodies to beta-2 glycoprotein IgG + IgM220daily2
Lupus anticoagulant180daily7-9
Antibodies to cardiolipin IgM (antiphospholipid syndrome)195daily8
Antibodies to cardiolipin IgG (antiphospholipid syndrome)195daily8
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Diagnosis of male infertility (mutation in AZF locus Y chromosome)550daily10
Lactase insufficiency400daily6
The risk of developing Gilbert's disease (UGT1A1)1000daily10
Risk of development of Wilson-Konovalov's disease (ATP7B) - 3 polymorphisms2000daily10
The risk of developing schizophrenia (COMT)900daily10
The risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (NOS3, TLR2)1300daily10
The risk of developing asthma (TNF, GSTP1)1300daily10
The risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (aro)900daily10
The risks of miscarriage (F5, F2, MTHFR, MTRR, MTF, F7, ACE, AGT, PAI1, JAK2)5000daily10
Prognosis of hepatitis C treatment (response to medications) IL28b 2 polymorphism1300daily10
The need for vitamin D (VDR)900daily10
Risk of cancer development (general) (ATM, BRCA1, TR53, MTHFR)2400daily10
Risk of thrombosis development (F2, F5, F7, ITGA2, ITGB3)2800daily10
The risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer (BRCA1 - 4 polymorphism, BRCA2, CHEK2 - 3 polymorphism)2700daily10
The folate cycle (mutation in MTHFR (2 polymorphisms), MTR, MTRR)350daily6
Telomer (definition of biological age)1200daily12
The polymorphism of JAK2 (Val617Phe)800daily12
Polymorphism of PAI1 (serpin (tissue plasminogen activator antagonist))760daily10
Polymorphism F2 (prothrombin (clotting factor II), encodes thrombin precursor)760daily10
Polymorphism F5 (proacceleurin (factor V of blood coagulation), encodes a protein cofactor with the formation of thrombin from prothrombin)760daily10
Polymorphism F7 (proconvertin, or convertin (coagulation factor VII of blood coagulation))760daily10
The polymorphism of ITGA2 (α-integrin (platelet receptor for collagen)760daily10
Polymorphism of IТGB3 (integrin (GpIIIa) (platelet fibrinogen receptor, or platelet glycoprotein IIIa))760daily10
Panel violations of carbohydrate metabolism
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Glucose quantitatively (daily urine)20daily1
Glucose (serum)20daily1
Glycosylated hemoglobin130daily1
Index HOMA - IR, glucose, insulin130daily1
Glycemic Load90daily1
Glucose Tolerance Test90daily1
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Parathyroid hormone190daily6-9
Peroxidase of the thyroid gland, antibodies (AТPO)100daily2
Thyroglobulin (TG)100daily2
Thyroglobulin, antibodies (AT-TG)100daily2
Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)100daily2
Total thyroxine (T4)100daily2
Free thyroxine (free T4)100daily2
Total triiodothyronine (T3)100daily2
Free triiodothyronine (free T3)100daily2
Receptors TTG, antibodies IgG (ATrTTG)340daily2-4
Antimycrosomal antibodies (a / t to MCA)180daily6-9
Iodine (urine)140daily1
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Antimiller′s hormone400daily6-9
Luteinizing hormone110daily2
Пролактин с разведением (1:100)110
Макропролактин (качественное определение)460
Тotal testosterone110daily2
Free testosterone170daily2
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)110daily2
Estradiol (E2)110daily2
Globulin binding sex hormones120daily10
Panel hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal hormones
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
17-Hydroxyprogesterone (OHP)120daily5
Adrenocorticotropic hormone290daily12
Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate (DHEA sulfate)120daily2
Cortisol in the blood110daily2
Cortisol in daily urine (specify daily amount)210daily2
Кортизол (слюна)210
17-ketosteroids (17-KS) with a daily amount of urine serving 100 ml (indicate the daily amount)120Mon, Tue, Wed.16
Adrenaline from a daily amount of urine serving 100 ml (specify the daily amount)110Mon, Tue, Wed.12-14
Norepinephrine with a daily amount of urine serving 100 ml (indicate the daily amount)110Mon, Tue, Wed.12-14
Growth hormone200daily5-7
Соматомедин -С
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Placental lactogen240daily8
I - biochemical screening, indicating the duration of pregnancy in weeks
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
PAPP-A (IOM: 8 - 13 weeks of pregnancy)155daily2
Β-hCG free (IOM: 8 to 13 weeks of pregnancy)120daily2
Biochemical screening of the first trimester (RAPP-A, β-hCG)275daily2
Prenatal screening of trisomy in the first trimester, PRISCA PROGRAM 1 (8-13 weeks)300daily5
I I - biochemical screening, indicating the duration of pregnancy in weeks
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
HCG (IOM: 13 - 14 to 19 - 20 weeks of pregnancy)110daily2
Alpha-fetoprotein (IOM: 15 - 20 weeks of pregnancy)110daily2
Free Estriol120daily2
Biochemical screening of the 2nd trimester (HCG, AFP, Estriol free)340daily2
Prenatal screening of trisomies in the second trimester, PRIZE PROGRAM 2 (14-21 weeks).350daily5
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Antispermal antigen210daily8
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
HCG (chorionic gonadotropin common), for men and women (non-pregnant and pregnant up to 4 weeks + 6 days).110daily2
Alpha-fetoprotein (primary liver tumor, malignant liver tumor, ovary, testis, stomach, large intestine, pancreas, breast tumor, uterus, lungs)110daily2
Squamous cell carcinoma antigen (SCC)280daily12
Neuron-specific enolase (NPE) (Neuroendocrine tumors, the main marker of small cell lung cancer)280daily3-5
Oncomarker of stomach CA 72-4 (stomach cancer, ovarian carcinoma)210daily2
Oncomarker (CA 15-3) (mammary gland, ovary, uterus, marker of pancreatic tumor, pancreatitis, gallbladder carcinoma)130daily2
Oncomarker of the pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts (CA 19-9)130daily2
Oncomarker of the ovaries HE-4 (ovarian adenocarcinoma)320daily2
Ovarian cancer marker (CA 125+ HE-4) Roma index (with indication: premenopause or postmenopause)140daily2
Тotal prostate-specific antigen110daily2
Prostate-specific antigen free (PSA free)110daily2
Cancer-embryonic antigen (monitoring of gastrointestinal tract tumors, lung tumors, breast cancer, diagnosis of recurrences of cancer metastases)120daily2
Thyroglobulin (TG) (evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment and diagnosis of recurrence of thyroid tumors)100daily2
Total Prostate-specific antigen + free Prostate-specific antigen (% calculation if total PSA is above normal)200daily2
Oncomarker (CA 125) (diagnosis of the control of the course of treatment, relapse of the tumor of the ovaries)400daily2
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Ascaridosis, Ascaris lumbricoides100daily1
Giardiasis, Lamblia intestinalis100daily1
Opisthorchidae spp.100daily1
Toxocarose, Toxocara spp100daily1
Trichinosis, Trichinella spp.100daily1
Echinococcosis, Echinococcus100daily1
Anisakidy IgG150daily5
Strongyloidosis-antibodies total180daily5
COMPLEX - "Total antibodies to helminths" (4 indicators: Toxocara spp., Opisthorchidae spp., Trichinella spp., Echinococcus)320daily1
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Marker of hepatitis A Ig M100daily1
Marker of hepatitis В HBsAg85daily1
Marker of hepatitis В HBеAg130daily5-7
Hepatitis B virus HBeAg (total antibodies)90daily5-7
Hepatitis B virus HBcAg (total antibodies)90daily1
Marker of hepatitis С anti HCV120daily1
Marker of hepatitis D HDV (total antibodies)150daily5-7
Marker of hepatitis G HGV (total antibodies)150daily5-7
Marker of hepatitis E HEV AT Ig G150daily5-7
TORCH infections
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
AT Ig G to the rubella virus90daily1
AT Ig G to the rubella virus+ Avidness150daily1
AT Ig М to the rubella virus90daily5-7
AT Ig G to herpes simplex virus I / II type90daily1
AT Ig G to herpes simplex virus I / II type + Avidness120daily1
AT Ig M to herpes simplex virus I / II type90daily1
AT Ig G to the capsid antigen of the Epstein-Barr virus90daily1
AT Ig M to the capsid antigen of the Epstein-Barr virus100daily1
AT Ig G to the nuclear antigen of the Epstein-Barr virus90daily1
АT Ig G to the early antigens of the Epstein-Barr virus100daily1
AT Ig G to toxoplasma90daily1
AT Ig G to toxoplasma+ Avidness150daily1
AT Ig M to toxoplasma90daily1
AT Ig G to CMV90daily1
AT Ig G to CMV+ Avidness150daily1
AT Ig M to CMV90daily1
Urogenital infections
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
AT IgG to Candida albicans90daily5
AT Ig G to Neisseria gonorrhoeae110daily5
AT Ig G to trichomonas vaginalis90daily5
AT Ig M to trichomonas vaginalis90daily5
AT Ig M to mycoplasma pneumoniae90daily1
AT Ig A to chlamydia trachomatis90daily1
AT Ig G to mycoplasma hominis90daily1
AT Ig G to chlamydia trachomatis90daily1
AT Ig М to chlamydia trachomatis90daily1
AT Ig A to mycoplasma hominis90daily1
AT Ig М to mycoplasma hominis135daily5
AT Ig A to the ureaplasma90daily1
AT Ig G to the ureaplasma90daily1
AT Ig М to the ureaplasma90daily5
Other infections
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, Ig G - antibodies135daily5-7
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, Ig М - antibodies135daily5-7
AT IgG to Helicobacter pylori90daily1
AT IgМ to Helicobacter pylori90daily1
Total antibodies IgG + IgA + IgM to Helicobacter pylori screen100daily1
Total antibodies to Mycobacterium tuberculosis125daily1
Measles Ig M (qualitative)200daily1
Pertussis Ig M220daily5
Pertussis Ig G220daily5
Tetanus Ig G200daily4-5
Antibodies to HIV (for an adult - a copy of the passport, for the child - a copy of the birth certificate + a copy of the passport of one of the parents)250daily14-20
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Herpes simplex virus, HSV-DNA (blood, urogenital scraping, urine)120daily2-3
Herpes 6th type, HSV-6, DNA110daily3-5
Epstein-Barr virus EBV-DNA110daily2-3
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, DNA190daily4
Hepatitis C, HCV, RLP (qualitative)200daily2-3
Hepatitis C, HCV, PLR + Determination of the genotype of the hepatitis C450daily5-7
Cytomegalovirus, CMV, DNA110daily2-3
Virus Varicella-Zoster, VZV, DNA110daily2-3
Papillomavirus, HPV, 16/18 types, DNA120daily2
Papillomavirus, HPV, 31/33 types, DNA110daily2
Papillomavirus, HPV 31/33 types, DNA quantitatively
Papillomavirus, HPV, 35/45 types, DNA110daily2
Papillomavirus, HPV 35/45 types, DNA quantitatively
Trichomonas vaginalis, PC110daily2
Trichomonas vaginalis, PCR, quantitative120daily2
Mycoplasma genitalium, PCR110daily2
Mycoplasma genitalium, PCR, quantitatively130daily2
Hepatitis B, HBV, DNA200daily3
Toxoplasmosis, Toxoplasma gondii, DNA110daily3
Chlamydia trachomatis, DNA (scraping from the urethra, cervical canal, secretion of the prostate gland, urine sediment, blood)120daily2
Mycoplasma hominis, DNA (scraping or discharge from the urethra, cervical canal, secretion of the prostate gland, urine, semen)120daily2
Ureaplasma urealyticum, DNA (scraping or discharge from the urethra, cervical canal, secretion of the prostate gland, urine, semen)110daily2
Neisseria gonorrhoeae, DNA (scraping or discharge from the urethra, cervical canal, secretion of the prostate, urine, semen)120daily3
Neisseria gonorrhoеae130daily3
Gardnerella vaginalis, DNA (scraping or discharge from the urethra, cervical canal, secretion of the prostate gland, urine, semen)120daily3
Candida, Candida albicans, DNA (scraping or discharge from the urethra, cervical canal, secretion of the prostate gland, urine, semen)120daily3
Neisseria gonorrhoеae130daily3
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Immunoconflict (leukocyte compatibility hemolysin complement) Female 2 tubes with lithium heparin and coagulation activator. Male: with lithium-heparin150daily7-10
Complete immunogram with CD markers (leukocyte (thousand), lymph (%), CD3, CD4, CD8, CD16, CD20, IgA, IgM, IgG, CIC, complement, phagocytosis, HCT)180daily7-10
Antibodies to DNA (native, denatured, formalized)90daily7-10
Allergic tests
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Total Ig E100daily1
DEFINITION of sensitization to the drug (including anesthetics) (RAL, ESR)
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Articaine130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Lidocaine130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Any drug130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Mepivastezin130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Mepiphreen130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Novocaine130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Skandonest 3%130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
Septanest130Mon, Tue, Wed.4-5
DETERMINATION sensitization to food and household allergens (quantitative)
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
α -Lactalbumin80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
β- Lactalbumin80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Orange80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Birchen wartybeard80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Home dust80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Golden Hamster80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Casein80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Dermatophagoides farinae80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Chicken protein80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Chicken Yolk80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Cow′s milk80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Carrot80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Guinea pig80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Wheat flour80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Mixture of herbs80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Tomatoes80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Dog′s fur80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Horse Allergen80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Cat Epithelium80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
Apple80Mon, Tue, Wed.1
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Ambrosia45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Orange45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Birch45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Library dust45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Beet45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Human hair45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Beef45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Peas45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Buckwheat45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Home dust45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Oak45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Green tea45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Coffee45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Corn45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Egg45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Filbert45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Lemon45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Mandarin45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Mix of meadow grasses45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Weed mix45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Mix pollen of trees45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Cow′s milk45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Carrot45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Chicken′s meat45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Duck meat45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Oat groats45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Fescue45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Dandelion45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Pillow Feather45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Horse dander45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Sunflower45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Wheat flour45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Wheat flour45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Pollen of ragweed45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Pollen of birch45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Oak pollen45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Lime pollen45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Pollen of pine45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Poplar pollen45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Вluegrass45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Rice45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Rye45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Pork45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Tomatoes45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Codfish45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Hake45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Black tea45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Wool of a cat45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Rabbit fur45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Wool of guinea pig45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Dog's fur45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
Barley groats45Mon, Tue, Wed.2-5
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Microflora and sensitivity tests to antibiotics125Mon, Tue, Wed.10-16
Throat and nose microflora and sensitivity tests to antibiotics (2 tubes)125Mon, Tue, Wed.10-16
The vagina, the urethra microflora and sensitivity tests to antibiotics125Mon, Tue, Wed.10-16
Staphylococcus aureus tests: pharynx, nose (2 tubes)125Mon, Tue, Wed.10-16
Sowing on trichomoniasis120Mon, Tue, Wed.10-16
Sowing on gonorrhea120Mon, Tue, Wed.16
Sowing blood for sterility100Mon, Tue, Wed.14-16
Sowing urine for sterility100Mon, Tue, Wed.10-16
ВІ-hemagglutination80Mon, Tue, Wed.14
Buck sowing on the fungi of the genus Candida + ABG125daily7
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Analysis of excretion from the urogenital tract (female)60daily1
Analysis of prostate juice70daily3
Microscopy of the ejaculate125daily1
Smear on atypia (AK cytology)100daily3-4
Nasocytogram (detachable from the nose)110daily2
Eosinophils (detachable from the nose)70daily2
Pathological Examinations
АnalysisPrice, ₴TermsDays
Histological examination of the material250daily5-7
Cytological tests on atypical cells (biopsy, punctate from all types of tissues)70daily3-4
Cytological test of isolation from the nipple of the breast (one glass)100daily3-4
PAP test based on liquid cytology390daily4-7
Capsid test600daily9
Histology of the cervix with proliferation markers Р-16, Кі-671200daily14