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Service Price, ₴Note
Consultation150By appointment
Service Price, ₴Note
Consultation150By appointment
Service Price, ₴Note
Consultation150By appointment
Electrocardiography75By appointment
Service Price, ₴Note
Consultation150By appointment
Service Price, ₴Note
Consultation150By appointment
Gynecological procedures
Service Price, ₴Note
Removal of Intrauterine Devices200
Insertion of Intrauterine Devices350
Insertion and Removal of Specific Pessaries for Women With Introital Support300
Cervical canal manipulations80
Postoperative treatment of cervix/ vagina200
Removal and cauterization of condyloma (1 unit)150
Cauterization of cervical erosion: Solcovagyn (without medicines)400
Cauterization of cervical erosion: radio wave method750 (3 зоны); 400 (1 зона)
Administration of medicines, insertion of tampons150
Therapeutic bath150
Individual selection of contraceptives200
Selection of Individual hormone replacement therapy200
Medical abortion of pregnancy (with medicines)1500
Taking a biopsy of the cervix (1 point)400
Aspirate from the cavity of the uterus800
Cervical Biopsy300
Removal of cervical cysts (1 unit)200
Removal of cervical polyps (1 unit)200
Assigning individual regimens of sexually transmitted infections250
Insertion of the hormonal system «Mirena» (without a spiral)400
Vaccination, prevention of cervical cancer (Cervarix vaccine)200
Treatment procedures
Service Price, ₴Note
Subcutaneous Injection20
Intramuscular injection20
Intravenous injection25
Intravenous infusion70
Additional services
Service Price, ₴Note
CITO analyzes (without doctor′s recommendation)50
Delivery of results to home or office by courier50
Sample collection at home and office75By appointment
Providing analysis results in English50
Performing an analysis from an archival sample of serumСкидка 10%


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